If your heart can handle it, check out these 10+ adorable moments of BTS‘s precious maknaes, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, throughout the years!

1. Look at these three babies!

All I can say looking at this is UWU.

2. If you were here when they were this small, you’re an OG ARMY.

Remember these tiny tots?!


3. Too much squish in one picture.

Okay, my heart hurts.


4. They’re like a litter of puppies.

Resisting urge to pinch cheeks.

5. Imagine being Hyung line and having to take care of these crazy boys.

Constantly moving and full of energy — Every parent’s worst nightmare.


6. They’re extra adorable when they’re celebrating.

How can you not let them win just to see their excited faces?!

7. It only gets funnier as you watch each of their expressions.

Annoyed, smug, and absolutely done.

8. Baby Maknae line in America was a sight to behold.

Bonus points to your ARMY status if you loved American Hustle Life and GO! BTS.

9. That feeling when the food is just too good.

Even their acting for food CFs is totally endearing.

10. The way they grew up together is priceless.

BFF goals right here.

11. Raise your hand if you’re a maknae line stan!

Honestly, we all are.


12. They only get more and more endearing as time passes.

They’re too loveable.

13. …Wait a moment.

Are these the same boys we just saw?


14. They grew up SO well.

They changed right before ARMY’s eyes.


15. From three adorable boys to three incredible men!

Now, THIS is character development.

EAvgKNQXsAAz3Z6 (1)

16. Blueberry, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream — What’s your favorite flavor?

Or, you know, you can have one scoop of each.

17. They might have grown up, but they’ll always be the babies of BTS!

Truer words have never been spoken.

18. Maknae line’s evolutions are like Pokémon.

They have achieved their final form!


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When it comes to underrated K-Pop friendships, few pairs trump CLC’s Sorn and BLACKPINK’s Lisa. While people may not talk about them often, they have one of the closest bonds in the industry. Just take a look at five moments that prove it.

1. They’ve been friends since pre-debut

Back in August 2016, Sorn treated fans to one of her lengthy updates on CLC’s fancafé. But, instead of focusing solely on herself, Sorn spent much of the post gushing about her newly debuted close friend—Lisa.

| CLC fancafe

BLACKPINK debuted the day before Sorn penned her post, and the CLC star was sure to encourage Cheshires to stan the new starlet. Among many compliments, she described Lisa as someone who “deserves all the love and support”.


I have to say that she is a really, really down to earth and a girl with a really big dream. She always work hard in everything and she’s seriously really talented too… So I seriously want you guys to support Lisa like I do.

— Sorn

Sorn also revealed that the two had already been friends since they were young, sharing some precious selfies with Lisa.

| CLC fancafe

Since we were both from Thailand, we actually understood each other really well in many ways… Me and Lisa we were always there for each other even though we were in different company.

— Sorn

2. They celebrate each other’s achievements

Just a few weeks after their debut, BLACKPINK managed to snag their first win on a music show. And, despite the fact that CLC was still yet to earn a music show win, Sorn didn’t have any jealousy towards her friend whatsoever.


In fact, she shared a post congratulating Lisa on such an amazing achievement. The way Sorn and Lisa lift each other up without comparing their careers is a testament to how amazing their friendship is.

| @G_I_DLE/Twitter

Congratulation Lisa, can’t believe how proud I am for the past many years of hard work you had done! It had finally paid off. You girls are DOPE!

— Sorn

CLC later earned their first win in 2019, and it’s safe to say Lisa likely showered Sorn with just as much praise.


3. They hang out together

Despite leading busy idol lives, Sorn and Lisa always make time to hang out with each other when they can. Earlier this year, Sorn gave fans a little behind the scenes look at their dinner dates in a vlog.


While Lisa wasn’t able to show her face on camera, fans got to see a glimpse of the two BFFs (joined by fellow friends CLC’s Elkie and (G)I-DLE’s Minnie) enjoying a delicious meal together.

| @G_I_DLE/Twitter

Lisa even sweetly offered to film Sorn’s vlog so she could enjoy eating with the rest of the group.


4. They attend important events together

Though Sorn and Lisa may have got their career starts in Korea, they’re always loyal to their homeland too. In October 2017, the two idols (and several others) visited the Thai embassy together to pay their respects to Thailand’s King Rama IX, who passed away one year earlier.


5. They always support each other through hardships

Ultimately, a great friend is someone who’s always there when things get rough—and that’s definitely true of Lisa and Sorn’s friendship.

| @sssorn_clc/Twitter

Back in 2017, when Sorn revealed that her Korean groupmates get paid a staggering six times more than her because of Thai-Korean governmental laws, she also told fans that Lisa was there to talk with her about the difficulty of pay discrimination.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

And in a later vlog, Sorn shared that her friendship with her fellow Thai idols (including Lisa) is the reason she’s able to get by as a foreign star in Korea, despite all the difficulties.

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In its heyday, Crayon Pop was one of the most iconic groups in K-Pop. From releasing #1 hits like “Bar Bar Bar” to performing as the opening act for Lady Gaga’s ArtRave: The Artpop Ball, Crayon Pop soared to great heights before disbanding in 2017. Since then, former member Way has opened her own YouTube channel, WayLand—and she often uses it to spill the secrets of the idol world.

| 웨이랜드 WayLand/YouTube

This time, she sat down to let fans know all about what really goes on behind the scenes of music show wins.

Do idols know they’re going to win?

Seeing the shock on idols’ faces when they win a music show trophy is one of the most heartwarming experiences for fans—but are they really shocked?

| Show Champion

According to Way, idols are often informed of their nomination before the show. That’s because nominations affect both stage décor and recording order, so the broadcasting station needs to communicate the potential win ahead of time.

| Show Champion

However, that’s not necessarily true when it comes to the actual wins. Way revealed the broadcasting companies do unusual inform idols’ agencies of their wins ahead of time so staff can prepare any special requests for the encore performance.

| Show Champion

But, many companies choose not to share the good news with their artists in order to ensure a surprise. Way said that Crayon Pop’s company, Chrome Entertainment, sometimes gave hints, but they never informed them of their wins outright ahead of time.

| Show Champion

Do idols get competitive over wins?

While racking up wins is a regular occurrence for many of the biggest groups, but on the flip side, many groups never receive a single win across the course of their whole careers. So, it stands to reason that idols would get competitive over music show trophies.

| Show Champion

However, Way explained that competition between the nominees all depends on the relationships between the groups, their members, and even their companies.

| Show Champion

She went on to say that idols who know each other (for example, those who are in the same company, go to school together, or promote at the same time) are more aware of each other’s achievements, sometimes leading to a heightened state of competition. Idols who don’t know each other, on the other hand, don’t typically care about each other’s wins.

| Show Champion

If you know that person, and you’re connected to that person and you’ve been nominated for #1 together often, so you’ve been at a competing with them for some time, then feeling competitive is inevitable.

— Way

Do idols always sing encore stages live?

Live singing has always been a point of debate among K-Pop fans, and much of that discussion surrounds music shows. Encore stages are general supposed to be 100% live, with only the instrumental played in the background, but are the?

| KBS Kpop/YouTube

According to Way, there’s a lot that goes into putting together a music show performance. From multiple rehearsals to audio checks, every group goes through several stages of monitoring before performing on stage. She went on to explain that in some performances, just a few members sing 100% live, while others have their mics turned down.

| KBS Kpop/YouTube

However, this all goes out of the window when it comes to encore stages. Because groups typically don’t know whether they’re going to win first place, it’s hard to prepare partially recorded audio in advance. For that reason, Way said she believes encore performances are all live with only the instrumental for backup.

| KBS Kpop/YouTube

What do idols get for winning first place?

First of all, Way revealed that no matter how many members are in a group, one music show win comes with just one trophy. Solo artists typically keep their own awards, but since groups can’t split theirs up, the company usually keeps group music show trophies.

| Show Champion

I’m envious [of solo artists]. I currently don’t possess anything I’ve received. Lucky them!

— Way

But, aside from the trophy itself, idols don’t actually receive anything for winning first place—aside from recognition, of course. There’s no monetary prize or any special benefits for music show wins.

| Show Champion

How do artists feel about ending stages?

While the music show MCs announce the day’s winner, all the groups that performed that day are asked to stand on stage together. But while they often put on a smiling face for fans, Way confessed that artists don’t typically like these ending stages.

| Show Champion

That’s because the ending stage keeps them from getting home earlier. The longer the ending stage goes on, the longer artists have to stand in uncomfortable clothing and makeup. Of course, since it’s a highlight of the show and a big pull for viewers, idols aren’t allowed to skip it.


Way revealed even more secrets in her video, so watch it for yourself with English subs here!

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TXT‘s Soobin won MOA’s hearts again as a host for KBS‘s Music Bank, but they aren’t the only ones in love. Here are some of the many idols who are totally whipped for MC Soobin’s charms!

txt soobin music bank kbs

1. Donghae and Eunhyuk (D&E, Super Junior)

When Soobin interviewed Donghae and Eunhyuk, he became their new favorite hoobae (junior).

| KBS World/Youtube

Donghae commented on how Soobin was shaking a lot…

…and in reply Soobin said, “You didn’t do this during the rehearsal, you’re being mischievous.” 

His seniors burst out laughing, and Donghae pulled Soobin into a hug while calling him cute.

2. Jessi

Soobin and co-host Arin interviewed Jessi for her comeback song “NUNU NANA”. How quickly did Jessi fall for Soobin? Faster than he could read his cue cards!

He snatched up her heart with his endearing blend of shyness and cuteness.

3. Arin (OH MY GIRL)

From day one, Soobin’s co-host has also been his friend and fan. During the rehearsal for their first episode together, Soobin accidentally dripped ice cream on Arin’s pants…

…and his over the top reaction made her smile.

Soobin’s so loveable that Arin even let him get away with accidentally calling her the wrong name. “How about Yerin-ssi?”, he said when asking her about her school days’ nicknames.

Oh, I’m sorry. Arin-ssi!” Soobin exclaimed, and viewers definitely felt the secondhand embarrassment.


Singing part of ATEEZ‘s song “WAVE”, was all it took to make the entire group fall for Soobin…

…and the love is mutual!

5. 1THE9

1THE9 was the first group Soobin and Arin interviewed on the show. Soobin sweetly asked 1THE9 to take care of them…

…and, of course, they couldn’t refuse! (Who would?)

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Although none of the members of ITZY or TXT has ever mentioned being close friends with one another, the adorable interactions between Ryujin and Soobin have fans of both groups convinced they’re secretly best friends. Here are five of those fun moments between the “monster rookies.”

1. Cuteness Overload

At the start of ITZY’s interview segment with the Music Bank hosts, Soobin and Arin did a cute greeting that fit their personalities. As soon as Ryujin saw his cute side, that was all it took.

She became yet another idol that had been captured by Soobin’s charms. Even after Soobin had finished the cute greeting, Ryujin was still smiling brightly as she processed it.

Many who noticed the adorable moment claimed she was fangirling over Soobin. Truthfully, who could blame her?


2. #1 Hype Girl

During one of BTS‘s many wins for “Dynamite” on Music Bank, Soobin did his seniors justice by jamming out to the song for its encore stage. As an ARMY himself, he was enjoying the song so much that he kicked his leg and kept dancing away.

As any best friend would, Ryujin didn’t leave him hanging. Though she didn’t dance along, she did the next best thing. She waved her hands up and down to hype Soobin up.

Ryujin’s movement even had the rest of ITZY joining her in encouraging Soobin as well.


— prism𖧵 (@prismtxt) September 4, 2020

3. ITZY’s Sixth Member

Since they’re both idols, of course there would be some dancing involved. When mentioning ITZY’s latest title track “Not Shy”, Soobin remembered the point dance and did it along with Ryujin without any prompting or direction.

Once Arin noticed and asked what he was doing, Soobin repeated the dance once more. Ryujin didn’t leave him hanging and joined him.

Afterwards, he was embarrassed from being caught and adorably covered his face. With a bit of tweaking, he could definitely be the sixth ITZY member. He wasn’t the only one, either.

4. TXT’s Sixth Member

During one of ITZY’s fan meetings in Manila, Philippines, Ryujin proved she was more than capable of being TXT’s sixth member. As soon as “Run Away” played, she was more than ready to execute the choreography.

She had every single move down, from the positioning of her hands to the movement of her finger for one of the point dances. Chaeryeong was even holding her own, as well.

If she had to go straight to the stage alongside TXT to perform the track, she wouldn’t disappoint.

ryujin and chaeryeong dancing to run away by txt!

— itzy pics (@archiveitzy) December 8, 2019

5. Best Friend Humor

Although they may not have had many interactions with each other, they can even understand each other’s humor. When Yeji had to share a touching story about Ryujin, she mentioned how she’d hilariously “saved” her from eating expired chicken.

I wanted to Ryujin’s chicken breast. But the exploration date had passed, so I threw it away for her.” The way Yeji told it made it seem like the kindest action ever. Even Soobin had been swayed, “Such a moving story.

She hadn’t fooled Ryujin, who emphasized how well Yeji had painted the story, “You just made it sound moving.” Yeji, Yuna, and the rest of ITZY were amused by the funny comeback. There was someone who enjoyed it the most.

Louder than anyone else, Soobin burst into laughter over the funny line. In fact, many fans still rewatch the clip to find out why he’d laughed so hard. Just chalk it up to a best friend thing.

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DAWN appeared as the latest guest on Showterview With Jessi, and had everyone in splits when he revealed how his first-ever conversation with Jessi took place!

jessi 5

For this episode, the two hosted a “Relationship Counselling” centre, where fans and listeners of the show sent in their relationship troubles and asked for advice!

jessi dawn 2.jpg
| Showterview With Jessi/ YouTube

The first concern that came to them was of a couple that had been together for 2 years, and were facing problems regarding communication; the partner of the one who sent the concern wanted them to be more active when it came to responding to texts and calling.

We’ve been dating for over two years and arguing over the call and text issue. My partner wants texting and communication pretty often, whereas to be frank, I’m too lazy and tend to contact only when I need my partner.

Jessi and DAWN, I’d like to ask your thoughts on the contact issue.

—Fan Question

As Jessi and DAWN discussed the concern, giving their own thoughts and opinions, the topic inevitably shifted to their first conversation ever, and DAWN revealed the interesting way the conversation went!

dawn 1

He revealed that HyunA was the one who introduced the two, and DAWN spoke to Jessi for the very first time over the phone.

Come to think of call and text, I was introduced to her [Jessi] over the phone. Back when we first talked over HyunA’s phone.


He further elaborated on the conversation, saying that he had called her to ask for help regarding some English lyrics in his solo debut song, “Money”.

Sorry to bother you, but my new song has English lyrics.

Would this be the right phrase?


And he then reenacted Jessi’s first-ever words to him, and left everyone in stitches with his spot-on imitation!




Watch this hilarious moment between the two from 3:06 onwards here!

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BTS just announced a new Bedroom remix for “Dynamite”, and let’s just say ARMYs are interpreting it in two very different ways. According to these fans, “Dynamite (Bedroom)” will either put you to bed…


…or take you to bed. There is no in between!

| Big Hit Entertainment/Facebook

1. It’s perfect for study buddies…

aw bedroom remix for late night studyers 🥺

— fatima⁷ (@monipersona) September 17, 2020

2. …or not.

“bring a friend, join the crowd” is gonna have a whole new meaning in the bedroom remix

— elMARIAjin⁷ (@BitchTheres_7) September 17, 2020

3. Bring on the edits…

dynamite bedroom version ✨

— ana 𖧵⁷ (@etxternal) September 17, 2020

The edits we gonna have for the bedroom version y’all Army twt is never going to be the same after that remixes drop

— NOT Lilith ⁷ |STREAM DYNAMITE| (@CelladoraLilith) September 17, 2020

4. …and TikToks?

Note to self: stay away from TikTok for the next 72 hours, minimum…

dynamite bedroom remix is all fun and games until het tiktok armys make nsfw pov videos

— anya⁷★ (@koocuddles) September 17, 2020

…and also Twitter.

BH announce one bedroom remix and y’all horny ass mfs are thirst-tweeting all over my tl 💀

🚀134340 miles from sanity⁷💫 (@naija0329) September 17, 2020

5. These lyrics will never be the same again

“bring a friend, join the crowd”
“can you hear the bass boom”
“you should keep ya eyes on the ball”
“I’m into that, I’m good to go”
—Bedtime Remix

— bora⁷ (@modooborahae) September 17, 2020

6. You’re under arrest!

when the remix is actually a soothing lullaby

— lucy ford⁷ (@lucyj_ford) September 17, 2020

if bedroom version is actually a lullaby version I’m putting yall in jail

— alice🍏♻🌱buttercup⁷ (@moonrainksj) September 17, 2020

7. Two options:

So the bedroom remix is gonna be either for babies or making babies 🙂

— ⁵aarya⁷𖧵 (@Yeontaniysus) September 17, 2020

8. Expectation vs Reality


9. There’s a 99.9999% chance that everyone at Big Hit Entertainment is regretting their decision…


10. …and I mean everyone.

BTS after seeing bedroom trending :

— Anj ⁷ | Ray ♥ (@autumnseoki) September 17, 2020

joon seeing how all of yall behaving on his stan acc when the bedroom remix is actually just chill lofi…

— anya⁷★ (@koocuddles) September 17, 2020

11. The dictionary just said, “stay out of your imagination, it’s not good there”.

chile bedroom version is not about sex it’s about recording at home

— ꜱʜʀᴜ ʟᴏᴠᴇꜱ ᴊɪɴ ⁷ (@jinieskosmos) September 17, 2020

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It’s already been four years since BLACKPINK debuted, but Jennie seems to remember the group’s pre-debut stories like they were yesterday. In an interview with ELLE magazine, Jennie revealed what her fellow members were like when they first joined the company.

Jennie was the first member of BLACKPINK to join YG Entertainment. After moving back to South Korea from New Zealand at the age of 14, she auditioned for the company with Rihanna’s “Take a Bow”. As we all now know, her audition was successful, and she became a trainee in 2010.


The next member to join the company was Lisa—and she made quite an impression on young Jennie. Lisa also auditioned in 2010 at an open call in Thailand. The only applicant to make it through, Lisa soon became an official trainee in 2011.


According to Jennie, young trainee Lisa was a “tall girl with a perfect body”. The thing that struck Jennie most was Lisa’s aptitude for dance, and her uncanny ability to learn choreography routines almost instantly. Lisa revealed she was “always singing and dancing as a child”, and the years of practice definitely paid off.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

She started dancing like a robot—she memorized everything in seconds.

— Jennie

After Lisa came Jisoo, the eldest member of BLACKPINK. Jisoo joined YG Entertainment in August 2011, passing her audition at the age of 16.


Jennie revealed that despite joining later than many trainees, Jisoo was adamant not to fall behind. She went on to say that Jisoo’s determination kept up her motivation as an existing trainee.

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

[Jisoo] came in, eager to learn everything and catch up to everybody, which was really motivating for me as well.

— Jennie

Last but not least, Rosé didn’t join the company until 2012. At the age of 15, she auditioned at an open call for YG Entertainment in 2012, beating out 700 other auditionees for a spot as a trainee.


Although she was the last to join her groupmates, her impact was just as important. Jennie explained that through Rosé, the BLACKPINK members learned the true reason behind becoming musical artists. In turn, Rosé explained that Jennie helped her out with the cultural differences between Australia and South Korea.

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

[Rosé] gave us the meaning of what music was supposed to do.

— Jennie

Although competition between trainees is often fierce, according to Jennie, the BLACKPINK members had nothing but love for each other from the start. They lived together long before their debut, bonding every night over ordered food, scary teacher stories, and the shared hardship of training.


And just like how kids at school become friends, we just got along. It was very easy—we didn’t really have to try.

— Jennie

No wonder the BLACKPINK members have such a close bond to this day.


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On September 16, BTS performed a special “Dynamite” stage for America’s Got Talent (AGT). The set, Everland amusement park, is sprinkled with tiny details that are easily missed the first time around. Did you spot them all?

1. All signs point to BTS

The performance starts with Jungkook singing and dancing on the XXXX voting box from AGT. In the lower right corner are signs for BTS and ARMY…


…and AGT on the gate.

| America’s Got Talent/Youtube

BTS and ARMY logos also show up on the post box near Jimin


…this trash can…


…and this building (upper right).


2. The car

If you’re one of the many who just couldn’t look away from Suga (and peeking out in the background), you might have missed the car’s license plate.


It says “BTS” and their debut date, June 13, 2013.


3. Dynamite drive-in

Behind Jimin is a banner for AGT, but also “Dynamite” signs in the windows.


This one has the lyrics “with a little funk and soul” and “light it up” on it.


4. The “Dynamite” truck and sign

On the left is a truck similar to the one from BTS’s “Dynamite” MV that has “BTS” on the license plate and references to the lyrics “I’m diamond, you know I glow up” and “life is sweet as honey.” 

| America’s Got Talent/Youtube

The sign next to the truck has “Dynamite” and all seven members’ names on it.

| America’s Got Talent/Youtube

Watch the performance here:

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What color is the future? BLACKPINK! “The biggest girl group in the world” is featured on the cover of ELLE (US) magazine.


ELLE‘s October issue includes a new BLACKPINK pictorial and interview. The members are elegance incarnate, dressed to impress in Bulgari, Chanel, and Saint Laurent, and Dior — just to name a few.


ELLE compares BLACKPINK to The Spice Girls, in regards to their cultural impact, massive fanbase, and global popularity.


Rosé says the comparison to a group, “whose contribution to pop culture and music was so intense and massive is an honor, but it was never like, ‘Let’s become this or them.’ ” BLACKPINK is making their own unique mark on music each step of the way.


Since debut, BLACKPINK’s popularity has grown exponentially, to the point where their music can be heard all over the world.

Music [doesn’t] always originate from the UK or the States. It’s global, it’s Asia, it’s the most random places you can imagine. I’m very proud that we all originated from different parts of the world.

— Rosé

They’re breaking language barriers and cultural barriers, one song, one performance at a time, through sheer talent and hard work.



“These days, we have no boundaries when it comes to work,” Jennie said. “Even on our days off, we’re basically at the studio recording.”


BLACKPINK is in your area, and they’re not going anywhere! Check out more photos below:





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