Since idol groups have a ton of members, they have the numbers to be able to pull off amazing choreography and different formations. But solo acts don’t fall far behind! With the help of their back up dancers, they’re able to create equally amazing choreography, and pull it off with style and charisma! Here are 12 female idol solo acts with choreography that fans have deemed iconic, because they’re simply perfect!

1. “Woman”- BoA

solo female 2

solo female 1

“Woman” is a track released by BoA in 2018, from an album of the same name. While it’s no secret that BoA is a terrific dancer, fans were absolutely awestruck when she finally performed the song! The choreography begins with BoA held upside down by her fellow dancers, and the first few moves are of her walking upside down, which made fans go wild!


2. “Dally”- Hyolyn

solo female 4

solo female 3

After leaving Starship Entertainment at the end of her contract in 2017, former SISTAR member Hyolyn made her musical comeback with a three-part project in 2018. The second single of the project, “Dally” showcased all the amazing vocals and dancing talent that Hyolyn is known for! The sexy choreography became a fan-favorite, and blew everyone away!


3. “24 Hours”- Sunmi


solo female 5

“24 Hours” is Sunmi‘s debut single released in 2013, when she was an artist under JYP Entertainment. The choreography is hailed for fitting the concept amazingly, and is also noted for the difficulty required to execute each movement with precision. But it’s not a problem for Sunmi, because the queen can do anything!


4. “Gotta Go”- Chungha

solo female 7

solo female 8

“Gotta Go” is a track released by Chungha in 2019, and took the K-Pop world by storm for its addictive melody and amazing choreography! Even during her Produce 101 and I.O.I days, Chungha was known for her amazing skills as a dancer, and showcased it perfectly in this track!


5. “Maria”- MAMAMOO’s Hwasa

solo female 9

solo female 10

“Maria” is the title track of MAMAMOO Hwasa‘s first comeback as a solo artist, and was released in June 2020. The song, along with being loved for its melody and message, fans were also highly impressed with her amazing dancing skills- especially the body rolls!


6. “Why”- Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

solo female 12

solo female 11

“Why” is the title track of Girls’ Generation Taeyeon‘s first comeback as a solo artist in 2016, and was a fun song perfectly suited for summer! Along with Taeyeon’s heavenly vocals and summer concept, fans also loved the cute choreography that was exactly right for the song!


7. “Blue Moon”- Kyungri

solo female 14

solo female 13

“Blue Moon” is former Nine MusesKyungri‘s debut single released in 2018, and as soon as she performed the song, fans were incredibly hyped with the amazing choreography that came with the track!


8. “Free Somebody”- f(x)’s Luna

solo female 15

solo female 16

“Free Somebody” is the title track of f(x) Luna‘s solo debut album, released in 2016. Luna has always been hailed as a top vocalist and singer, and showcased all of her amazing skills in this debut, performing some of the cleanest choreographies you’ll ever see!


9. “Red”- Hyuna

solo female 17

solo female 18

“Red” is the title track of Hyuna‘s 2014 solo comeback album, and stayed true to Hyuna’s signature sexy concept! The song was a fun one and with Hyuna’s unique vocals and incredible talent as a dancer, she absolutely killed that era!


10. “Illusion”- Girls’ Generation’s Yuri

solo female 19

solo female 20

“Illusion” is a B-side track from Girls’ Generation Yuri‘s solo debut album, released in 2018. Yuri has always been known as one of the top dancers of her group (and her generation!), and did not fail to deliver! While fans love her title track, the choreography for “Illusion” had them especially awestruck at her skills and visuals!


11. “Into You”- Former Secret member Jun Hyoseong

solo female 21

solo female 22

“Into You” is the title track of former Secret member Jun Hyoseong‘s first comeback as a solo artist, released in 2015. The track showcases Hyoseong’s skills amazingly, and always blows her fans away!


12. “Palette”- IU

blackpink hair 18


“Palette” is the title track of IU‘s 2017 comeback, and fans everywhere immediately fell in love with the song! Along with the wonderful melody and message, fans also praised the track’s easy yet elegant choreography, that IU executed perfectly!

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During fan signings, sometimes things happen that no one saw coming. That’s what happened at one of WayV‘s for their debut mini-album Take Off.

While the rest of the members reacted how you’d expect after hearing about the theft, Lucas‘s unbothered reaction has resurfaced for being forever iconic.

wayv lucas 2

To be able to attend a fan signing, fans typically purchase a massive amount of albums to increase their chances of snagging an opportunity to participate. Knowing that, it made the new even more startling. Someone hadn’t stolen only one or two albums. They’d supposedly taken at least forty of them.

wayv lucas 1

While a staff member told Kun what happened, Winwin scooted closer to listen in. Both of them couldn’t believe it. Kun’s eyes widened as he looked up at the staff member. Winwin looked out into the audience, confused.

After hearing all the details, Kun jumped backward in shock, followed by Winwin who did the same. On the flip side, Lucas hadn’t yet found out the news, happily continuing his interactions with fans.

When Lucas was finished, he wanted to find out what they’d been making a commotion about. Winwin was quick to lean in and inform him about the situation. At first, Lucas seemed just as surprised by the news. That ended quickly.

After verifying that it was true, Lucas gave the funniest look to the audience of fans. It was like a parent who wanted to scold their child but couldn’t because they were too amused. That wasn’t even the most interesting part of his reaction.

Like nothing had happened, and they weren’t dealing with such a serious situation, Lucas shared his happy energy with everyone. He stood up and did the body waves from “Take Off”. Winwin and Kun burst into laughter after seeing it.

Lucas may put his playful personality to the side for a moment when a situation is serious, but it’ll always find a way to come back.

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Everybody has a soft spot for someone in their life, and BTS‘s members are no exception.


On July 17 (KST), BTS will appear on Nippon Television‘s music program Buzz Rhythm 02 to perform “Stay Gold”. They will also participate in a fun Q&A, as revealed in recently released teaser for the episode.


Although all seven members love each other dearly, there’s one member who receives the most pampering.


During the show’s Q&A, BTS were asked to point out the child-like member who is the most babied. Some people might expect it to be Jungkook, the group’s youngest member…


…but Jimin won the vote by a landslide!

Everyone except Suga chose him, and when Jimin tried to deny it, RM and J-Hope mimicked his aegyo

…and he cracked up. This imitation gets an “A” for accuracy!

Watch the Buzz Rhythm 02 teaser here:

200715 ntv「バズリズム02」 (buzzrhythm02) teaser
will air 7/17 24:59 (same as 7/18 0:59) JST
🔗방탄소년단 #防弾少年団 #bts⁠ ⁠@BTS_twt

— 니키 (@qdeoks) (@nikkekeke) July 15, 2020

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While filming episodes of Going SEVENTEEN, SEVENTEEN can be seen having a drink with each other from time to time. Because of that, fans have a glimpse of how the members act when they have a little too much alcohol.

Thanks to DK, fans now know two of Hoshi‘s drinking habits that’ll make you think he’s even more adorable.

seventeen dk hoshi

For a solo interview, DK answered some questions about his fellow members. When the host asked if there was one who had any drinking habits, he thought of the one and only “Hoshi hyung.” Fortunately, he didn’t leave everyone clueless and revealed just how different Hoshi becomes.

Since Hoshi is energetic on stage and calm off stage, he’s somewhere in between when he’s having a drink. DK pointed out that Hoshi becomes affectionate by hugging them and saying, “He’ll tell people, ‘I love you. Thank you.’”

Next, Hoshi finished it off with what DK thought was the cutest part. A hug wasn’t enough for Hoshi to show his affection; he needed to take it up a notch. DK mentioned, “And, even kiss them. Cute.”

If you think Hoshi is adorable in his usual form, he’s even more so when he’s drinking. Just imagining him warmly hugging and kissing his members, with appreciative words, is enough to make anyone become his fan.

seventeen hoshi 1

Watch DK spill the adorable information about Hoshi’s habits here.

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In a recent YouTube video of IU’s Homebody Signal posted by EDAM Entertainment, Oh My Girl‘s Seunghee and Hyojung made a surprise appearance and entertained the viewers of both fandoms.

What particularly stood out to viewers was Seunghee’s flawless impersonation of IU’s poses.

She started off with when IU smiles with a cute wink, and the accuracy startled IU herself.

But the impersonations didn’t end there.


Seunghee proceeded to show off her impersonation of IU’s dreamlike look.

And once again, IU acknowledged the resemblance.

IU even added that she has always thought Seunghee has a similar image as her, but that seeing her in person made the resemblance even clearer.

What are your thoughts?


Check out the full clip below:

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Red Velvet‘s Joy is gorgeous, of that there is no doubt, but her visuals seemingly seem to shine in red! Whether it’s her iconic red hair or outftis, the color makes her stand out even more! Here are 10+ times Joy wore red, and smoothly lived up to the group name of “Red Velvet”!

1. Her visuals in red are unreal!

joy red 4

joy red 3

joy red 2

joy red 1


2. When Joy went viral for her beauty in this dress, it cemented her as a top visual!

joy red 8

joy red 7

joy red 6

joy red 5


3. Her red hair and outfit is such a serve!

joy red 11

joy red 10

joy red 9


4. These ponytails add such a nice detail to her visuals, along with the red dress!

joy red 15

joy red 14

joy red 13

joy red 12


5. She’s gorgeous!

joy red 18

joy red 17

joy red 16


6. This red shirt is so pretty on her!

joy red 21

joy red 20

joy red 19


7. Body-line queen!

joy flower 11

joy flower 10

joy flower 13


8. “Red Flavor” era Joy is so superior!

joy red 27

joy red 26

joy red 25

joy red 24


9. She looks so pretty in these photos!

joy red 29

joy red 28


10. This crop top looks so cute on her!

joy red 33

joy red 32

joy red 31

joy red 30


11. Even her casual visuals in red are amazing!

joy red 37

joy red 36

joy red 35

joy red 34


12. Joy in floral prints is everything!

joy red 39

joy red 40

joy red 38


13. Regal queen!

joy red 44

joy red 43

joy red 42

joy red 41


14. Joy with red hair and this red dress is killin’ it!

joy red 48

joy red 47

joy red 46

joy red 45


15. Another one for red-haired Joy in red outfits!

joy red 53

joy red 52

joy red 51

joy red 50

joy red 49


16. A whole visual right here!

joy red 57

joy red 56

joy red 55

joy red 54


17. Chic and sexy Joy is so gorgeous!

joy red 62

joy red 61

joy red 60

joy red 59

joy red 58


18. This red dress for the “Peek A Boo” teasers is everything!

joy red 65

joy red 64

joy red 63

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MAMAMOO’s Solar revealed a stretching routine she does to help her achieve a slim, toned look for her body and improve physical health.


Solar starts with neck stretching. Relaxing your back and shoulders, gently press your head down horizontally, then at a 45-degree angle, and finally straight down. Remember to keep some distance between your shoulder and ears.

After rotating your neck slowly to loosen up, she progresses to waist stretching. Alternate stretching each side, doing up to 10.

It can also strengthen your abs and reduce fat around your waist.

— Solar

Next, you’re going to grab an edge of something above you as Solar does. Lifting your head, slowly lean forward to stretch your underarms.

Solar also suggests massaging your underarm and hitting it with a light fist for better circulation.

We say the underarm is like our body’s trashcan because toxins collect here, so massaging our underarm is very beneficial.

— Solar

Next, you can use a massage ball (any small ball like a tennis ball or baseball will do) to relieve foot fatigue. Since the feet are often fatigued and have acupuncture points for the organs, it’s important to not neglect them.

Additionally, you can use the massage ball to relax your glute muscle by placing it under your glute and rocking side to side as shown. Solar says it should be a little painful at first.

Next, cross your legs like Solar and breathe deep as you pull your leg towards you to stretch your hip joint.

If you tend to have a slight incorrect walking posture, this exercise is good for you.

— Solar

Lastly, stretch your calves like so and breathe deeply for 30 seconds on each side. Optionally, you can place your leg on a foam roller for a greater stretch like Solar.

You can follow along with her entire routine below!


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If your heart says, “I want to be a dancer”, but your body says, “that’s never going to happen”, don’t worry. BTS has got you covered!

agust disgusted

Learn how to dance freestyle, with these 15 Bangtan style moves!


1. If you can’t b-boy, you can still b-ball…

2. …and play the air drums

3. If you’re feeling footloose, try Jungkook’s shuffle n’ slide

Cue the credits!

4. “The Jedi” (Level 1)

Step 1: use the force.

5. “The Jedi” (Level 2)

Step 2: own the force.

6. “The Jedi” (Level 3)

Step 3: you are the force. Get out the way, Vader! Jedi Jin is conquering the galaxy one dance at a time.

7. The “I don’t have anywhere to put my water bottle”

It’s better than littering, right?

8. The bunny wiggle

All you need to do is put on your ears and shake your tail!

9. The “dang, my hair looks fine

Where’s the lie?

10. The dance every maknae knows innately

11. The “you’re doing great, sweetie!”

All you need is a camera, boundless enthusiasm…

…and a few chaotic “kids”.

12. The “let some air in, but not too much”

Step 1: open door. Step 2: close door. Repeat.

13. V, nailing ARMY’s unofficial choreography

Clowns unite?

14. J-Hope’s foolproof way to hype the crowd

15. The ultimate ending pose

You always want to end the dance how you started it: strong.

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Shortly after TXT debuted, Taehyun would never pass up the opportunity to show off his magic tricks. Whether they were to amaze fans or his fellow members, he delivered a cool trick every time.

He even dedicated a live broadcast to teaching everyone and Hueningkai how to do card tricks effortlessly.

With his magic tricks being so well-known among MOAs, they wanted to see what a professional magician had to say about his skills.

txt taehyun 1

Magician Choi Hyun Woo, who appeared on Radio Star to display his skills, heard their calls and decided to give his professional opinion. “Lots of fans asked me to pick this person. TXT’s Taehyun.”

choi hyun woo 1

As soon as Choi Hyun Woo dived into talking about Taehyun, he didn’t hesitate to mention how impressed he was with his skills. He had to post about it through his social media, “I posted on my Instagram story about him too, because I was so surprised!”

It was Taehyun’s technique that really caught his attention. It wasn’t that of a beginner, “His techniques. I think he did magic as a hobby for a long time. He performs lots of techniques that require lots of practice and time.”

Choi Hyun Woo even expressed that he was a bit jealous of Taehyun’s natural ability, “I’m also jealous! He sort of already knows how to do magic.” From what he’d seen, he could also guess how long Taehyun had been practicing, “I’d say he did magic for like six to seven years based on the level of his card magic techniques. At least six to seven years.”

Since Choi Hyun Woo could see how gifted Taehyun was in executing his magic tricks, he offered to teach him even more. He once again praised how talented his skills were, especially since it was only Taehyun’s hobby:

Kang Taehyun, do you want to learn magic for free? Contact me through our company…and I would love to teach you awesome magic. If you’re that good when you’re just doing it as a hobby, you should keep on doing it. It will be a good skill to have forever.

The clip didn’t go unnoticed by Taehyun. When a fan asked him about it on Weverse, he revealed that he’d actually seen the clip and explained how cool it was to be praised by a magician so skilled.

[200703] Weverse Replies ❣

🗣: Taehyun, did you see this??

🐿: I just saw it!! It’s such an honor, to be praised by the master magician..#TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER@TXT_members

— TXT Transla𖧵ions ☁ (@translatingTXT) July 2, 2020

Even though Taehyun became an idol, his childhood wish isn’t too out of reach.

txt taehyun

See Choi Hyun Woo approve of Taehyun’s magic tricks, to the latter’s delight.

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MONSTA X’s I.M can teach us all a thing or two about fashion. Every outfit is planned precisely, down to his choice of accessories. Check out 15 of his best looks that will inspire you to up your own fashion game!

1. We love a man that knows how to wear a pea coat.


2. Throwing a blazer over your shoulders instantly makes you twice as fashionable.


3. You’ll realize how amazing his proportions are when he tucks in his t-shirt.


4. A distressed denim jacket is a staple in any fashionista’s closet.


5. He’s not afraid to play with bright colors and unique shapes.


6. Even when he’s comfy, he still accessorizes with some bold elements like a designer bag.


7. When I.M rocks a shearling coat over his turtleneck, he gives off major boyfriend-material vibes.

original (1)

8. He likes to experiment with crazy colors and accessories like this fanny pack.


9. It’s all in the details — from this jacket to his belt with tons of grommets, he looks intimidatingly cool!


10. He rocks the glasses and denim jacket look.


11. He even matches his accessories like his black cap, mask, clutch, and slides!


12. I.M invented the monochromatic look — pretty much!


13. When someone takes the time to cuff their jeans, you know they’re serious about looking good.


14. A white button-up shirt under an embellished jean jacket is a combo you may have never thought of, but now you won’t forget it!


15. He keeps everything oversized when his main goals are comfort and warmth.


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