Since idol groups have a ton of members, they have the numbers to be able to pull off amazing choreography and different formations. But solo acts don’t fall far behind! With the help of their back up dancers, they’re able to create equally amazing choreography, and pull it off with style and charisma! Here are 12 female idol solo acts with choreography that fans have deemed iconic, because they’re simply perfect!

1. “Woman”- BoA

solo female 2

solo female 1

“Woman” is a track released by BoA in 2018, from an album of the same name. While it’s no secret that BoA is a terrific dancer, fans were absolutely awestruck when she finally performed the song! The choreography begins with BoA held upside down by her fellow dancers, and the first few moves are of her walking upside down, which made fans go wild!


2. “Dally”- Hyolyn

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solo female 3

After leaving Starship Entertainment at the end of her contract in 2017, former SISTAR member Hyolyn made her musical comeback with a three-part project in 2018. The second single of the project, “Dally” showcased all the amazing vocals and dancing talent that Hyolyn is known for! The sexy choreography became a fan-favorite, and blew everyone away!


3. “24 Hours”- Sunmi


solo female 5

“24 Hours” is Sunmi‘s debut single released in 2013, when she was an artist under JYP Entertainment. The choreography is hailed for fitting the concept amazingly, and is also noted for the difficulty required to execute each movement with precision. But it’s not a problem for Sunmi, because the queen can do anything!


4. “Gotta Go”- Chungha

solo female 7

solo female 8

“Gotta Go” is a track released by Chungha in 2019, and took the K-Pop world by storm for its addictive melody and amazing choreography! Even during her Produce 101 and I.O.I days, Chungha was known for her amazing skills as a dancer, and showcased it perfectly in this track!


5. “Maria”- MAMAMOO’s Hwasa

solo female 9

solo female 10

“Maria” is the title track of MAMAMOO Hwasa‘s first comeback as a solo artist, and was released in June 2020. The song, along with being loved for its melody and message, fans were also highly impressed with her amazing dancing skills- especially the body rolls!


6. “Why”- Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

solo female 12

solo female 11

“Why” is the title track of Girls’ Generation Taeyeon‘s first comeback as a solo artist in 2016, and was a fun song perfectly suited for summer! Along with Taeyeon’s heavenly vocals and summer concept, fans also loved the cute choreography that was exactly right for the song!


7. “Blue Moon”- Kyungri

solo female 14

solo female 13

“Blue Moon” is former Nine MusesKyungri‘s debut single released in 2018, and as soon as she performed the song, fans were incredibly hyped with the amazing choreography that came with the track!


8. “Free Somebody”- f(x)’s Luna

solo female 15

solo female 16

“Free Somebody” is the title track of f(x) Luna‘s solo debut album, released in 2016. Luna has always been hailed as a top vocalist and singer, and showcased all of her amazing skills in this debut, performing some of the cleanest choreographies you’ll ever see!


9. “Red”- Hyuna

solo female 17

solo female 18

“Red” is the title track of Hyuna‘s 2014 solo comeback album, and stayed true to Hyuna’s signature sexy concept! The song was a fun one and with Hyuna’s unique vocals and incredible talent as a dancer, she absolutely killed that era!


10. “Illusion”- Girls’ Generation’s Yuri

solo female 19

solo female 20

“Illusion” is a B-side track from Girls’ Generation Yuri‘s solo debut album, released in 2018. Yuri has always been known as one of the top dancers of her group (and her generation!), and did not fail to deliver! While fans love her title track, the choreography for “Illusion” had them especially awestruck at her skills and visuals!


11. “Into You”- Former Secret member Jun Hyoseong

solo female 21

solo female 22

“Into You” is the title track of former Secret member Jun Hyoseong‘s first comeback as a solo artist, released in 2015. The track showcases Hyoseong’s skills amazingly, and always blows her fans away!


12. “Palette”- IU

blackpink hair 18


“Palette” is the title track of IU‘s 2017 comeback, and fans everywhere immediately fell in love with the song! Along with the wonderful melody and message, fans also praised the track’s easy yet elegant choreography, that IU executed perfectly!

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